My Little Update on Life

7 Oct

My husband and I have not really saved any money in about two months. That’s a painful existence for yours truly!
What have we been spending money on begrudgingly?

  • The Co-op: We have been writing checks like it’s nobodies business.
  • The Mortgage: They already started pulling money out of our accounts for mortgage-related fees.
  • Vacation and Gifts: We went on vacation last month. We’ve been writing checks for gifts. It seems to never end!


After my previous posts, I still haven’t had any luck in landing a second job. Many places find my hours at my current job to be problematic. My husband hasn’t had much luck either so we are looking into a few different options, such as:

  • Creating a new blog that we would work on together. It would include one or two other people. This would be a blog that we work on seriously and something we would try to make money from—not like my lame attempts here! 😉 The blog would also be completely unrelated to the topics discussed on this blog.
  • Using a website that I might be able to upload things onto for money—if people purchase them.


I hope everyone is doing well. My real entry will come soon!

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