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Finding a Second Job

18 Nov

So I actually applied for a job that seemed thoroughly interested in me. It is sort-of in my field but in an area that I have never been exposed to and it somehow does not require a license, which most jobs in my realm require. Anyway, they asked me if I would ever be interested in becoming full-time if I liked what I was doing part-time. That’s a tricky answer for me. I said that I would consider it but the truth is, I’m not really sure. If it was more money you would think that it would be easy but the fact is that my current position has excellent benefits. The pay sucks but the benefits are top-of-the-line. And since it’s unionized, I have a lot of extra perks here or there.

I have no idea how it’ll work out but if they do choose me, I would be working insane part-time hours along with my full-time job so I might be dead.

My husband is trying to get the ball rolling on his website. His is a lot better than this one. 🙂

I am also trying to get my account going with another site, in which people pay to download files from you. I’m not going to kill myself to do it but I am definitely going to bring my stuff with me when I have some free time at work and work on it there.

Everyone always says to just increase your income. I have been trying for over a year now. And we’re still not there. But I hope we are soon.

Also, I hope we’re moving soon. Our closing date has come and gone…

..and we’re still here.

Life Update

11 Nov

I haven’t been around too much lately. Things have been crazy with Hurricane Sandy, attempting to get a second job, working on another blog that will be read more than this one, etc.


We were approved by the co-op board and our closing date has come and gone. Hurricane Sandy really knocked us out for a punch and put a major delay in many of our plans. Of course, more fees must be paid and we have been paying quite a bit into this property already but once it’s over, we will have our own place, we will be making payments that are less than our current rent and we will hopefully enjoy our new surroundings. I’ll have to write about all of the unexpected expenses in terms of purchasing a co-op, which no one will care about because most people do not live in areas with them! I really hope that we can close before the end of the month but that is looking less and less promising.


Unfortunately, I have really gotten no where with this. After my initial excitement and interviews, I haven’t heard anything. One place I interviewed at said that my schedule didn’t really work for them. Another place, after calling me, never called me back once I returned their call. I did have another interview last week but they seemed to, in actuality, want someone part-time. My husband was also having a difficult time with finding a second job so we started another blog about something he is very familiar with and it seems to be doing okay. We have only existed since October and we are getting over 100 views everyday already so hopefully we can continue on an upward trend.

My husband and I also talked about his goals. Although he really loves where he works, he has been there for over four years and there is no room for growth. Absolutely none. Over the years, he has received tiny raises and then small bonuses but after doing some research, he could be making quite a bit more money at the senior level. Once all of the housing stuff settles down, I think he is really going to think long and hard about what he wants to do and possibly look for another job.


This area has been problematic for us and I think the fact that this housing stuff is never-ending is part of the problem.

We were in the position of saving nearly all of my paychecks every month until the co-op stuff started. Now, instead of putting them into the savings account, I have been putting them into our checking account because I have been writing checks non-stop. I haven’t even been able to keep track of anything anymore since they seem to have cashed some checks and not others. I also have not been able to do anything in terms of retirement because I feel stuck with this house stuff over my head.