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Starting Your Blog By Shopping Around

16 Oct

My husband and I are looking into starting a blog as side business. Tired of trying to find second jobs without getting anywhere, we decided to focus our efforts on something he truly loves to write about and that I could work on in the background.

When you are trying to set-up your blog, your choices seem endless. Once you know what you want to blog about, you might not know where to go from there. There is so much information on the web it’s hard to even know where to start. In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed, here are some simple baby steps you can take to make things easier for you:

(1) When looking for advice, try to stick to a few different sources at first. Whether you’re checking out books from the library or perusing various websites, I recommend that you start off by looking at only a few resources. One great site to start off at is Blogging with Amy. You might think I’m crazy by saying you should limit your research but I really only recommend you do this at first so that you’re not completely overwhelmed. Once you have a clearer idea of where you’re heading, start expanding your searches into the areas you need to look into.

(2) Decide on some of the “big things” so that you can get started. Once you’ve decided on a topic, you might want to get the “big things” out of the way. Many of these may be things you only consider once; however, they are big hurdles to get out of the way. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The name of your blog – Is someone using what you wanted already? Is it unique, catchy and/or easy to remember? Do you have tagline that you want associated with your name?
  • Domain and hosting – Have you researched where you want to purchase your domain from? GoDaddy.com is not the only domain provider and I would look into other sources (i.e. Namecheap) as well in order to determine which provider will work best for me. Who is going to host your blog? Do you plan on doing all your business through a particular website (i.e. WordPress) or are you going to use multiple entities to bring your blog to life?

(3) Know what the point of your blog will be and who you are addressing. Is this blog for you or are you trying to make this a business? Are you using this blog to network or showcase your talents in an area such as photography? These decisions will ultimately push you in the direction that your blog should go.

For us, this has been a learning experience. Although we just started on this path, it has been a challenge deciding every little thing so far. I just remind myself that over time, everything will be easier and things will eventually go smoothly.

Have you had a challenge starting and staying with a blog?

Attempting to Find a Second Job — For the One Millionth Time

19 Jul

Lately, I have noticed quite a few bloggers that I read from time to time posting little pieces on how awesome it is to have a side gig and that everyone should have a second job. They’re so damn positive about it that it makes me sick inside. Sick I tell you! What I find even more frustrating is that a lot of people in my particular field have second jobs too. How do all of these people get second jobs and why can’t I get one? And why does my awesome husband have the same problem?


I have reviewed our resumes. For my field, my resume is actually quite reflective of what I do—in fact, I used to get a lot of resumes to review at my old job and my resume is actually quite good in comparison. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but the fact is that a large number of people in my field are from other countries and English is not their first language. This becomes VERY apparent once you start looking over resumes. There are no spelling errors in my resume. Everything flows. I think it’s pretty spiffy.

I have also looked over my husband’s resume. His old resume definitely needed to be redone and when he fixed it up, it was actually quite good as well. In fact, when I first read his new one I thought it might have been too short—but in actuality, he conveyed so much and summed up what he did so well.


My field is supposedly always in demand. I am so tired of hearing this garbage. If you look on any job or career website, you will see my field as one of the fields in health care that will end up with a shortage. I am still waiting for this huge shortage so that there is actually some competition for workers in my field.

My husband is probably in the best and the worst field for freelancing, which is writing. He somehow managed to fall into copywriting and has been doing it for over four years. He loves his job and he’s good at what he does but it seems almost impossible for him to find steady work to do on the side. He has had one thing here or there but nothing consistent—except a very meager (and very random) site that will pay him $8/article. Being in the writing business is definitely NOT for the weak, as he has applied to jobs over and over again only to:

  • Find out that people want you to work for free or practically free. I have never seen so many jobs that want you to work for nothing or for $5/article in my life—until you find yourself looking on craigslist.
  • Find out that the people who tell you “you’re hired” are actually flakes.
  • Find out that probably two hundred or so other people applied for the same job and that one hundred of them are willing to undercut you on the price.


I actually think this is our biggest problem.

We actually got our full-time jobs on our own with no help from anyone which I actually have found it almost impossible to do. However, we don’t really know anyone in our fields with an “in” somewhere else.

I would say I am definitely more of an introvert—okay maybe misanthropic if you really want to put it out there—so I find networking incredibly difficult to do. My husband hasn’t really done a lot of networking in a long time. I don’t really know too many people in my field and neither does my husband. I am guessing what this is what we both really need to work on a bit.


After reading all of these bloggers lately, I think I am going to apply to some jobs right now!