The Hopefully Obtainable Goals

24 Apr

I was never a very goal-oriented person, which retrospectively irks me regularly.

Now in my twenties, I find that I have become somewhat goal-oriented but not really.

Early On

I guess I was smart but by the time I high middle school, I became pretty lazy. Didn’t want to take a test? I went home sick. Was I behind in homework? I guess I’ll stay home and make as much of it as I can up in a day. Am I going to college or am I getting a job? I guess I’ll go to college because all of my other friends are going so what else am I going to do?

I managed to spend six years in college, including three college transfers, to finally obtain a B.S. in something in the sciences.  Even when I graduated, I didn’t want to use my B.S. for its purpose. Haphazardly, I applied to doctoral programs and a program very similar to Teaching Fellows that would allow me to obtain my M.S. in education practically for free. I finished that (on time, surprisingly) and then left the field.

Funnily enough, nearly a year after that, I studied for (and passed) my state licensing exam—the original purpose of my B.S. Sadly, I don’t think I am done with my educational pursuits, as I sit here not knowing what to do in my life.

The Past Few Years

Growing up without any money has certainly made saving money easier. Maybe it’s growing up with a frugal parent or maybe it’s in the genes but I have a decent amount of self-control with money.

I would say this is one of the few places where I am goal-oriented.

Although I really want to do something else with my life, I do have the goal of owning a home. But it’s such a slow process when it comes to saving money. The other thing I want to do is open an IRA through Vanguard.

So what’s stopping me?

We had a lot of expenses after the wedding. We probably made back what we spent on the wedding, so I was happy to break even. But between random expenses popping up, problems with my eyes and a variety of other things, we could not get past a certain point. The past few months have been better. In fact, we saved a decent amount of money in the past few months. But…

…we are going to decide on our October vacation. I really wanted to go on a cruise but did not want to spend the money.

…we are going to spend 3K+tax on a new couch. (See a previous entry about the cost of being cheap.)

So really, the 4K or so that we have saved in a short period of time is out of the window.

And Now…

I will continue saving for that down payment. But hopefully the month of May or June allows for me to open my Vanguard IRA. (My original goal was March or April.) Regardless, I will get there and that’s what matters.


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